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August 29, 2010
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Influence Map by AlexiusSana Influence Map by AlexiusSana
haha i join the bandwagon! doing this reminded me that i've been on an original art hiatus for the longest time. i guess its time to attempt a new piece soon and hopefully i could find a day when i feel satisfied with the finished work. it's not that my recent works require less effort, more like when i do a one-shot illustrated piece, each piece is meant to tell a story. it usually bugs me a lot when i feel what it was meant to show has been compromised by my lack of skill ._.

ok enough of my rambling! onwards with the explanations XD

1. The Sandman/morpheus, graphic novel by author neil gaiman and illustrated by various artists. the concept of dreams, stories and ideas have always inspired me! "it's never just a dream"

dreams, stories, how they affect our lives is one of my biggest muse

2. Yusuke Kozaki :iconkymg: i loveloveloveloveeee the sense of dynamism in his works!!! was very influenced by his works at one point

3. Skan :iconreal-fiduciose: i can never get jaded even if its looking at the same concepts of his over and over...

4. James Jean. i was introduced to his artworks when i first picked up the fables graphic novel series in which he does most of the cover arts. his art is beautiful... they always seem to tell so much about the elements in it... whether its the character's situation and emotions, or the overall atmosphere.

5. everyone puts Hyung-Tae kim huh XDDD. i think maybe its got to be something to do with those melons. i mean boobs. haha actually i also like the way he renders his characters!

also, a picture of a beautiful woman is always inspiring

6. Junji Ito. dentist turned mangaka... the artist itself is the most scariest of all /shot. incidently he draws horror mangaka. I love the way he manages to bring together the beautiful and the revolting things.

decay, age, flaws and imperfection tell the best stories

haha and yea i find oddness interesting

7. need i explain this??? heh heh heh BA and Hetalia <3 ok, this also represents pairings, shipping, fangirlism, times when i let my hair down and enjoy life just being silly. it lends me a new perspective

hmm this also sort of represents cultures and stereotypes. i fall back on that a lot when i do my artwork especially when it involves creating a character solely for a piece of illustration. using elements of existing cultures sometimes help attach certain stereotypes to a character immediately and lends a dimension to them. for example if you see this girl wearing her costume with a huge print of the american flag, you immediately think of her character as someone more outgoing? XD as compared to idk, if she were wearing a chinese themed outfit, i bet everyone will expect her to know kung fu!

8. Gaming! LOL. but er sometimes this also causes me to not do any art hahahahaha. currently playing MGS: peace walker. GREAT GAME! ohhh conspiracies! i like! i completed the story mode already though XD ..and date with ___ (the second one) oh my. that is too bold lol. am loving that i can blast tigrex with my M47. after all its done to me while i farmed for tigrex S armor. after the pain of duo tigrex missions. now i return as snake.... AND REVENGE!! <----?!!

9. Tank!!! ok i'm kidding... its supposed to represent apocalypse and post-apocalypse haha.. and possibly chaos! i like zombie movies though (and anything but aliens) ..also, tank is cute. and muscles are super inspiring. /shot

...i get inspired by lots of negative elements huh ; _ ;

10. hmm how to put this... fantasy environment concepts? Illustrations or photos of places and ways of lives that aren't real or look too beautiful to be real

this picture i used is by :iconspeakyst:

an example of a real life place is this: [link]
ohhhhhh i drown in envy at the people living there! i would give up internet to live there till i die honestly. and maybe the computer too if i have canvas and acrylics. of course idk it might not be as heavenly as i imagine.... XD

11. i spent some time wondering which artist should i use to represent this. in the end i used a super direct (perhaps too much so) symbol. haaahahaaha

yamane ayano, naono bohra, honjo rie, lots of doujinshika and many many others. Usually i love it when stories flow nicely and easily to understand, characters appear "alive" (sometimes i see manga with rigid-ish characters and it's hard to appreciate the story > <). and MANRY OLD MEN /SHOT

haha to be honest this was difficult to do! everything influences me..... some stuff i wish could have added are:
-music (more like a catalyst)
-seeing through different perspectives: i guess this explains why the target audience of my works tend to change time to time)
-the wonderful artists around me like people from malaysia. thailand, indonesia, local.... the hard work they put into what they love and the awesome art!!!

the list will never end. i didn't even include early influences of my art like adventures of tintin, clamp, marvel... batman beyond <33333 etc! XD i don't exactly reject anything as inspirations really hahahaha!

if you read the whole of it, kudos to you! > < thanks for reading... hope it was interesting in some way!
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lazybug659 Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2010  Student General Artist
i love yamane ayano too!!!!!
hii-chan Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2010
I like the art from No. 5's artist. I played abit of the game and I suck badly lol. I FORGOT WHAT WAS THE NAME OF THE GAME HHAHAHA.

Tahki Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
all those muses and inspirations...I guess artistist are veroucious abt other artists styles too...changing while mantatining do you do it?
Neuro89 Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2010
Yeah.. Tigrex is a hell.
obliviousOUL Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2010
AlexiusSana Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2010
what!! what makes you think that??? XDDD it was really super easy when i fought using snake!!
obliviousOUL Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2010

IDK, I was really missing my high grade earplugs LOL. I've never flinched from a Rath/Tigrex roar for a long time until now LOL. Oh but I was playing my neighbour's game haha.

Well speaking of MH, have you tried the Felyne Village game! SO CUTE LAAA!
AlexiusSana Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2010
oh! btw if you equip walkman its equal to high grade ear plugs BD
obliviousOUL Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2010
AlexiusSana Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2010
I HAVENT but i want to!!! t..too lazy to download (as usual..)and its in jap!!!

and wa lau can shoot from far far away what! HAHAHA just that i havent figured out how to break claws and stuff...
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